How Long Does a DWI Stay on your Record?

If you have been arrested for a DWI or DUI in Texas, it is likely that one of your primary concerns that you shared with your DWI lawyer is making certain that your DWI or DUI does not remain on your criminal record.

If your blood alcohol concentration level was under .08, there is a very good chance that your DWI lawyer was able to resolve your case in a manner that would qualify you for an expunction.  However, if your blood alcohol concentration level was over .08, you may still qualify for a non-disclosure.

In order to make certain that your DWI case can be removed from your criminal record, it is important to know the rules for getting a DWI expunged or sealed from your criminal record.

It is a common misconception that a DWI conviction will “drop off” your record after a certain period of time. Some people believe they must only wait 7 years or 10 years and the DWI will automatically fall off their record. However, this is not true according to Texas law.

Under Texas law, a final conviction for a DWI that does not meet the conditions mentioned below, is a conviction that remains on your criminal record for the remainder of your life. In other words, if your DWI case is not resolved in the right way, your DWI arrest and record will remain on your criminal record forever. Let’s examine the rules.

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